Nellie Bly

Now audiences everywhere have a chance to meet the famous daredevil reporter from 1890 who:

  • Traveled around the world in 72 days
  • Journeyed to Mexico and became one of America's first female foreign correspondents
  • Championed the causes of the working girl
  • Feigned insanity and penned the work "Ten Days in the Madhouse"
  • Personally interviewed Susan B. Anthony and Emma Goldman

How is it possible we are meeting the remarkable Nellie Bly face to face? Simply because she has traveled over a hundred years through time to get our story. Join in the fun as this nineteenth-century woman meets the modern-day world.

Review of Nellie Bly after an appearance at The New Hampshire Humanities Council Chautauqua event:

"It's always great fun to see a new character emerge on the Chautauqua stage but Anne's portrayal of Nellie Bly was especially rewarding; she and Nellie provided a most informative presentation and graced the stage with wit and charm. I'd highly reccommend Ms. Pasquale - a.k.a Nellie Bly - to any and all Chautauqua presenters."
- Dick Johnson, Ph.S., Professor of American History, and Chautauqua Scholar

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Anne Pasquale as Nellie Bly